Terms of Use

The following principles have been adopted for our customers’ membership to www.anvogg.com, the confidentiality and protection of the information they provide, and other issues related to sales from our website.

  1. The necessary precautions for the security of the data and transactions entered on our website have been taken in the system and internet infrastructure by Anvogg and / or related Card Institutions according to the nature of the data and transaction. All credit card transactions and approvals are carried out online between the user and the relevant third party by the relevant Bank and similar Card Institutions independently by us (information such as credit card password is not seen and recorded by our company).
  2. The information entered by our customers for membership, product / service purchase and information update, especially confidential information about credit and debit cards cannot be viewed by other internet users.
  3. The information about our customers can only be disclosed to the relevant organizations within the framework of the obligations stipulated by the regulations in force. In addition, the contact information and other information provided by the members when they become members or during their shopping can be recorded indefinitely, stored and processed by our company, and shared and used with the approval of the member when necessary.
  4. In cases where our site gives a link to other internet-web / mobile sites and applications, the privacy-security policy and terms of use of those sites are valid for all uses and transactions.
  5. All intellectual and industrial rights and property rights regarding all kinds of information, content and their arrangement and partial / full use on our site belong to our company.
  6. The provisions in the contracts on the relevant pages are valid for the return and exchange of the products.
  7. It is mandatory to submit invoices for the products to be returned.
  8. For your purchases on our website, the order pre-information form and sales contract you will see during each transaction will be valid.
  9. For any additional information request, you can reach our company at info@anvogg