Shearling Pillow – Rosso Pink The Recta

Shearling Pillow

Rosso Pink The Recta

Reward yourself with warmth and softness.

ANVOGG Shearling Pillows, contribute to your living place both coziness and elegance with its woolly nature and very nice composition. Whether they are put on bed or sofa and armchair, will be the nicest parts that decorate your home! The main components of the ANVOGG Shearling pillows consist of Toscana sheepskin imported from Europe. Each one is handmade, prepared by skilled craftsmen and lined with high quality glam fabric. While every touch and feel the Shearling Pillows are taking away the stress of the day, you hardly take your hands off it!

Reference Number: SPROSS3143050

Color:  Rosso Pink

Lining: Colored Stripes

Size: 30cm x 50cm / 12inch x 20inch (appr.)


  • 100% Dyed Shearling Sheepskins
  • Lined with Glam Fabric
  • Professional Leather Cleaning Only